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Corp & Alliance Worm Hole Life Proposal!

Snow Slayer, Apr 24, 11 4:05 AM.
With the blessing of alliance management it's been proposed that setting up quarters with in a C-3 worm-hole for long term EXOTIC operations be undertaken!

Although in a rush to his next executive meeting, Weaver took a few moments to chat with this reporter.

"...well ya know Snow, everyone from the corp and the alliance will have the opportunity take part in not only the privileged excitement of being there with me but will be able to take part in the money making venture aspects of it..." and he continued to mention that, "... oh, we're setting up a full shop there, with everything from making our own Capital ships, manufacturing various high demand items right to the ... well.. call it an exotic 0.0 away from home for the pilot that just wants to break off and do some missions, do some ratting or pawn anyone that may consider stopping by without an invitation...."  when asked about the cost of and qualities of the hotels Weaver replied, "...look, we're going to be out there making a ton of money, having fun, killing anything, oh course management will insure that there's all the needed "qualities" that make an exotic worm hole just that, exotic but if you are worried about the quality of our accommodations, well then Snow, maybe you should get back to insuring the linens are proper in all the guests rooms...." .  

don't let it be said that he's not cheeky when he finds that opportunity.

Weaver did create a question and answer thread in the member's forum and assured those interested that he'll get yer inquires sorted promptly each day.

it's this reporter's understanding that Weaver/Kp Amelia is still being investigated, by Concord for the disappearance of an exotic dancer named GiGi in addition to a new investigation as to his possible establishing an illegal casino and whore houses within his proposed Resort Worm Hole.

Weaver has refused to comment on the latest allegations by Concord.

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